Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm – Prioritises Content from Friends over Businesses

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wordofmouthnielsenAs Facebook has grown over the years, there has been a continual need to update what content is shown to users. Users are generally much more interested in content posted by their friends, especially their close friends.

This week Facebook is announcing additional changes to their newsfeed algorithm, to make sure that users will see more content from friends, and less content from businesses via the business’s Facebook page:


A great write-up on what these changes mean for business can be read at:



What does it all mean for businesses?

It’s bad news for businesses who have spent time and money building up their own business’s Facebook Page. For years, businesses have been promoting their Facebook Pages and getting customers to Like their page. This meant that those customers would see content from that business on their newsfeeds. It was a great way for businesses to connect with their customers. Unfortunately, it has become a victim of its own success: there is only so much space on the newsfeed to show content to Facebook users, and they would rather see things posted by their friends. Additionally, Facebook itself was not making money from these Pages.

As said in the TechCrunch article above:

“As competition for limited attention grows, brands have to either work harder to make truly entertaining content people want to see in their feed, or be forced to buy ads to boost their reach.”

How does this effect Ferret Card?

The good news is that this makes Ferret Card an even more effective tool for merchants to promote themselves on Facebook!

Whenever a Ferret Card user earns Gold Stamps, they are sharing a post to Facebook, allowing their friends to click and claim Silver Stamps. These posts are made by the Ferret Card users themselves, NOT by Ferret Card or the merchant. As such, posts shared from Ferret Card are considered high quality posts by Facebook’s algorithm.

Additionally, Facebook is more likely to promote content posted by a user’s close friends. This means that it is more likely that a customer’s close friends will see the Facebook post. Merchant referrals from a close friend are much more likely to be trusted by those friends, increasing the potential success rate of Facebook marketing using Ferret Card.

With these changes, businesses who wish to promote themselves on Facebook have even more reason to use Ferret Card!

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