Ferret Card Helps Organise JCI Taiwan Events

Admin March 31, 2014 0

Ferret Card, as a member of JCI Taiwan, helped to organize several major JCI events held between 21st – 24th March 2014 in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The events were attended by local JCI members and committee and VIPs from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and India.

The major events include :

1 ) 20th JCI ASPAC Senate Board Meeting and Golf Invitational Welcome Dinner
2 ) 20th JCI ASPAC Golf Tournament
3 ) JCI APDC Meeting
4 ) 20th JCI ASPAC Senate Board Meeting
5 ) 20th JCI ASPAC Senate Golf Invitational Awards Dinner

Ferret Card’s Regional Country Licensee Calvin W said “It was a hectic few days helping to organise the various events for so many people, including overseas guests and VIPs. It was a great opportunity to network and meet fellow JCI members from various countries. Who knows, some of the JCI overseas guests may help open doors for Ferret Card to expand into their country!”

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