Ferret Card Taiwan Welcomes Taichung City Wu-Feng District Farmers Association!

Admin May 9, 2013 0

Ferret Card Taiwan is proud to announce that Taichung City Wu-Feng District Farmers Association has joined us as a merchant ! We look forward to working closely with them and helping them to expand their customer base by 5 Xs with Ferret Card’s innovative mobile loyalty app.

Taiwan Farmers Association is a non-profit corporation organized by local farmers in Taiwan.  It is a multiple functional organization combined with political, educational, economic and social features, governed and supervised by the Central Council Of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.(Taiwan) – the governing body of the agriculture industry. The Farmers Association plays an important role as the communication media between farmers and the government of Taiwan.  Every city has its own Farmers Association with independent administration department , bank , wholesale and retail outlets.

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