Ferret Card Thanks Wa Zen Izakaya Restaurant

Admin April 29, 2015 0

Ferret Card would like to thank Wa Zen Izakaya Restaurant for their continued support. Wa Zen joined Ferret Card in December 2014 with an initial order of 5,000 iCode coupons. 3 months later , in March 2015, Wa Zen re-ordered another 10,000 iCode coupons.

Owner Mr Sean Ng has this to say about Ferret Card:  “We opened a second branch of Wa Zen in December 2014. Being a new branch, we needed advertising and exposure. When Ferret Card approached us and explained its concept, we found it very interesting and decided to give it a try. Ferret Card is different because it combines BOTH loyalty and word of mouth advertising on Facebook in one app. It is not only rewarding loyal customers but reaching out and rewarding the customer’s Facebook friends as well! Our business has definitely improved since handing out 5,000 iCode coupons. More than 30 % of the iCode coupons were keyed in and we have a more than 50 % redemption rate. We are very happy with the results. We have just re-ordered another 10,000 iCode coupons! We would recommend Ferret Card to every merchant out there. Try it, you will be surprised how effective Ferret Card is! “

Once again, a big thank you to Wa Zen Izakaya for your continued support!

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