Ferret Card Welcomes Jiang Jia International Catering, Taiwan

Admin December 2, 2014 0

Ferret Card is proud to announce that another one of Taiwan’s leading F&B chains, Jiang Jia International Catering has signed up to use Ferret Card’s system!  

With 40 F&B outlets covering 5 brands (92 Mon Cafe, GiGoGi,  Cheng Long Hot 2, Jass Gnocchi and Cheng Doo) Jiang Jia International Catering (www.jj-gogogo.com)  is a highly successful F&B operator in Taiwan with a vision to expand internationally. Jiang Jia is impressed with Ferret Card’s easy to use mobile loyalty and advertising system which can help reach out, retain and reward customers and customers friends using “word of mouth” advertising on Facebook. Ferret Card’s system is also cost effective as there are no requirements to invest in additional hardware.

Once again, Ferret Card welcomes Jiang Jia International Catering and we are honoured that Jiang Jia has chosen Ferret Card to help them develop and grow their business bigger than ever.






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