Ferret Card Welcomes Jirapa Thai Massage Center, Bangkok

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Ferret Card welcomes Jirapa Thai Massage Center as our merchant.  The owner, Mrs Jirapa, is excited to use Ferret Card’s system to reward her existing customers and reach out to new customers.  Says Mrs Jirapa  “What I like about Ferret Card is it’s simplicity to use. All I need to do is teach my staff to hand out the coupons and show customers how to key in the iCodes.  It is simple! “

Adds Mrs Jirapa:

“I have tried all sorts of advertising and marketing, like brochures, creating my own Facebook page, etc. They dont work very well for me, my customers very seldom visit my Facebook page! What impresses me most about Ferret Card is the word of mouth advertising from my customers to THEIR friends. I can leverage on my customers and reach out to THEIR friends on Facebook. My own Facebook page only enables me to reach out to my customers but NOT to my customers friends. With Ferret Card my customers will post my “advertisement” on their Facebook Newsfeed, which will be seen by all their Facebook friends.

I also love the concept of Silver Stamps where 5 of my customer’s friends can get rewards from me. For my shop I am giving 1 hour of FREE massage to 5 of my customer’s friends who claim the Silver Stamps. My customers are the ones promoting my Silver Stamp rewards to their Facebook friends! How good is that?

I don’t mind giving good FREE rewards to my customer’s friends because once they try my massages, they may become regular customers.

For my regular customers I am rewarding them with 1 Gold Stamp which entitles them to 15 minutes free head and shoulder massage. If my customers wish, they can also accumulate 5 Gold Stamps and get a free 2 hour massage.

Ferret Card is a great mobile loyalty and advertising system and simple to use!

I would certainly recommend Ferret Card to all merchants. It will help you grow your business faster!”

Thank you Mrs Jirapa and welcome to Ferret Card!

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