Ferret Card Welcomes Mita Dining Group, Taiwan

Admin December 2, 2014 0

Ferret Card is proud to announce that one of Taiwan’s leading F&B chains, Mita Dining Group, has signed up to use Ferret Card’s system!  

With 33 F&B outlets and growing, ranging from cafes to pasta restaurants, Mita Dining Group (www.mita.tw) is a highly successful F&B operator in Taiwan. Mita is excited about using Ferret Card’s unique and innovative system which utilises a combination of social media “word of mouth” advertising and loyalty program to reach out, retain and reward their customers and their customer’s friends. Ferret Card’s system appeals to merchants because it is simple to use yet effective and powerful. Imagine every one of your customers promoting or advertising your brand and your products to hundreds of potential customers who are their circle of friends on Facebook!

Once again, Ferret Card welcomes Mita Dining Group and we are honoured that Mita has chosen Ferret Card to help them develop and grow their business bigger than ever.


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