Ferret Card Welcomes Online Merchant, Rai Lung Top

Admin June 29, 2015 0

Ferret Card is proud to welcome online merchant, Rai Lung Top, from Thailand.  The owner, Mr Top,  is a farmer selling sunflower seeds online. He has built a successful business and appears regularly on TV to promote sunflower sprouts as a healthy vegetable. The company is now the largest sunflower seed supplier in Thailand and has several thousand regular customers who order the seeds online, grow them and supply to neighbouring households,  restaurants, markets, etc, as a small business.

Says Mr Top “When Ferret Card’s sales manager approached me and explained the concept of Ferret Card, immediately I can see the benefits to my online business. I spend a lot of money every month advertising and promoting on Facebook and Google for new customers. But I am advertising to strangers! With Ferret Card, my customers are the ones advertising my product to THEIR friends! Word of mouth advertising from friends is more powerful than any other form of advertising. Right now I have several thousand regular customers. Imagine every one of them promoting to their friends on Facebook about my sunflower sprouts. Using Ferret Card’s unique loyalty and word of mouth advertising system, I am willing to give my customer’s FRIENDS a free sample packet of seeds to grow sunflower sprouts to try. If they are interested, they can then order more seeds from me and start their own business growing and supplying to households, restaurants, markets, etc.!

I would certainly recommend Ferret Card to online merchants like me. We need tools like Ferret Card to build and expand our business!”

Ferret Card thanks Mr.Top for his support and hopes his business grows bigger than ever with our system!

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