Ferret Card Welcomes Pantip Plaza, Pratunam, Thailand

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Ferret Card welcomes Pantip Plaza Pratunam, Thailand as our merchant. Pantip Plaza, Pratunam, also known as “The Computer City” is a well known destination for consumers looking to purchase computers, mobile phones and IT related products in Bangkok.

Says Mr Panuwat Rattanadit, Marketing Manager of Pantip Plaza, Pratunam “We have been looking for ways to promote Pantip Plaza on social media, especially on Facebook. We looked at many systems in the market but decided on Ferret Card because it ticks all the boxes, in terms of what we were looking for. Ferret Card not only provides us with an easy to use loyalty and reward program but also enables us to reach out, not only to our shoppers, but also to our shopper’s friends on Facebook using word of mouth marketing. On top of that, we get email marketing and comprehensive CRM reports of our shoppers demographics and shopping behaviour. We have around 500 merchants in Pantip Plaza, including 7-11, A&W, S & P Restaurant, Watsons, IT City, JIB IT, Banana IT etc and all of them will benefit through their customers participating in the Ferret Card program”.

Mr Panuwat Rattanadit added “Using Ferret Card, we work with sponsors to reward our shoppers. Our shoppers get to sample free products from our sponsors, eg Oishi Herbal Tea and help promote the sponsor’s products to their friends on their Facebook News Feed. Thailand is a great place for Facebook marketing as the average Thai Facebook user has 500 friends! It is a win-win-win situation for Pantip Plaza, our merchants, our shoppers and our sponsors”.

About Pantip Plaza group: Pantip Plaza, Pratunam is one of 5 Pantip Plazas in Thailand. It is part of a large property group that owns 26 shopping centers and property developments in Thailand.

About Oishi Trading Co. Ltd: Oishi Trading Co. Ltd is a leading beverage manufacturer in Thailand. Oishi beverages are found in most convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurants throughout Thailand. The Oishi group also owns around 300 Japanese restaurants in Thailand. It is part of a conglomerate that owns EST Cola, 100 Plus, Chang Beer, F&N, among other things. Pantip Plaza Group is also part of this conglomerate.

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