Ferret Card Welcomes YSA Beauty & Skincare Chain, Philippines

Admin February 25, 2015 0

Ferret Card is pleased to announce that YSA Beauty & Skincare Chain (www.ysa.com.ph), Philippines, will be using Ferret Card’s innovative loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising system. YSA is a leading Philippine beauty & skincare chain with 21 branches, a lot celebrity endorsers and huge advertising billboards on highways. YSA also retails it’s products through supermarkets. YSA is excited about using Ferret Card to reward customers and at the same time reaching out to their customer’s Facebook friends. Compared to traditional advertising, Ferret Card is more targeted, more trusted as word-of-mouth from a friend and more cost effective.

Ferret Card looks forward to helping YSA expand their business and to help reward, retain and reach out to their customers and their customer’s friends!

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