Ferret Card Puts On Their Dancing Shoes

Admin November 16, 2012 0

Ferret Card employees were up for a surprise when after what they thought was the end of their routine team meetings, they were told to put on their dancing shoes, loosen up their hips and get ready to learn some salsa moves.

We learned four different steps and after getting the hang of it on our own, worked in partners with our fellow team mates.

I think it’s safe to say that the Ferret Card employees headed on their way with an extra spring in their step, a little blushing in their cheeks and a lot of smiles on their faces, all because of Salsa.

Thanks to our amazing instructor, Tania Wong from Dance ConneXion Studio in Markham for being so patient and encouraging with our rowdy group.

To learn more about salsa and other types of dancing, check out Tania’s dance studio website for more information http://www.enamorarsetorontodance.com/

Happy Salsa-ing…and Ferreting!

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