Ferretizing Our New Peeps and the World!

Dr. Annie L. June 6, 2012 0

The last two weeks here at Ferret Card have been amazingly busy, exciting, and exhilarating. We just hired a new team of account executives, growing our number to 10 employees (and we are still hiring!) Next week even more additions will be added to our Ferret Card family.

We are so excited about the recent launch of our platform. Finally the apps are approved by Apple, ready to download… and our website is LIVE!

Thinking back how it started:

  • A concept
  • Then development

(When I first heard of it, I didn’t even have a glimpse of the development of the website and Apps).

Now a year later, we are ready to dominate the world by adding value to small business owners. Supporting them to reward their customers, and retaining them with our Ferret Card loyalty platform. And for our members, we are growing our merchant base so that they can collect and redeem rewards at many more places.

We are constantly looking to improve our system and we believe in providing value to both our merchants and members. So look out for many more new features that are coming up. We are CERTAIN that our merchants and members will be thrilled to learn and use them on our platform.

This week, our Account Executives are going out to “FERRETIZE” the merchants and educate them about our  platform. Our merchants will then “FERRETIZE” their customers (ie… getting their customers to sign up as Ferret Card members).

This is just soooooooo exciting!

Btw, hint ** hint ** watch out for our upcoming promotions, you will definitely wanna be a Ferret Card member to participate in the promotions to win some awesome (and I seriously mean AWESOME ) prizes!

Till then….


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