Ferrets Have Arrived At T&T Supermarket – Unionville Store

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Ferrets have arrived at T&T Supermarket  - Unionville Store

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Today – August 30, 2013

The Ferrets have arrived at T&T Supermarket…

To many Canadians, T & T Supermarket is the embodiment of the taste of Asia. It differs from other supermarkets by featuring many uniquely Asian food products not available in other retail outlets.

Shopping at T & T is like taking a journey through parts of Asia where one finds fresh mangoes from the Philippines, crispy snacks from Japan, sauces from Hong Kong, noodles from Taiwan, spices from Thailand and a variety of flavours from China and other Asian countries.

T & T is now a household name among many ethnic Canadians. It is also gaining recognition and popularity within segments of the mainstream community. T & T’s spectacular expansion has meant that it is now Canada’s largest Asian supermarket chain. It has nine stores in Greater Vancouver, four stores in Alberta (two in Calgary and two in Edmonton) and nine stores in Ontario, making a total of twenty-two stores in the chain!

On the day of the launch, we saw excited customers signing up at our booth provided by T&T supermarket at the Unionville Store.  The customers respond were very positive–we heard many saying – “this is great, now we can earn rewards when we spend here”…

There were constantly lines of people at our booth requesting to sign up or to understand more about our platform.

T&T sent 50,000 promotional brochures out to the homes around the neighborhood and mentioned that they now are part of Ferret Card platform.

T&T also printed 20,000 small brochures with instructions on how to sign up as a Ferret Card member and these brochures are to be given away to each customer that visit the store…

In the store, you will see posters all over highlighting Ferret Card, T&T new loyalty platform and inviting their customers to sign up as Ferret Card member.  Currently, there are 3 special lanes that accept Ferret Card…

Co-incidentally while making the rounds to the cashiers to ensure everything is going smoothly at the counters, we overheard the cashier informing one of the customers that he might want to top up to $75 since he is only $3 away and with $75 he will earn 75 gold stamps.  The gentleman’s wife hurried off to gather something and return with a product to make it up to more than $75 purchase.

T&T supermarket rewards 25 gold stamps for every $25 spent, in other words, if one spends $30, he/she is entitled to only 25 gold stamps.

Overall today has been one hectic and yet fulfilling day to see so many excited customers wanting to be part of Ferret Card so they earn more rewards.

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