Frosh Week: Ryerson University

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It has been such an exciting start of the school year! Ferret Card has recently set foot in the heart of Toronto as platinum sponsors to both Ryerson Student Union and the University of Toronto Students’ Union during their Frosh Week.  During these events, we helped students sign up and are giving away free freezies and awesome prizes! We gave away an Xbox 360, a PS3, iPads and iPods during these exciting events!


What’s so special about Frosh you ask? We believe that students are one of the best demographics; they’re collective, eager to discover and bright. Just like a ferret! But most of all, Frosh helps students assimilate to the university culture, which includes social interaction, discovering new things and most of all having fun. Ferret card envelopes all of this, from discovering local stores, to sharing stamps with your friends!

 Our Frosh Week Campaigns are as follows:

September 4th 2012: Street Festival at Ryerson University

September 5th 2012: Campus Groups Day at Ryerson University

September 7th 2012: 52nd Annual Parade & Picnic at Ryerson University

September 7th 2012: Carnival and Student Live Concert at University of Toronto

September 11th 2012: St. George Street Festival at University of Toronto



September 4th 2012: Street Festival at Ryerson University

We first embarked on our campaigns on September 4th in the heart of downtown with RSU’s Street Festival. Despite being greeted by relentless rain, the team was vibrant and energetic helping students sign up. Every student that signed up got the chance to win a Ps3 on the first day along with an iPad and an iPod touch.


Congratulations to our winners: Andres for the PS3, Kat for the iPod and Eric for the iPad!

September 5th 2012: Campus Groups Day at Ryerson University

The Ferret Team was back at it during the second day at Campus Groups Day. There were tonnes of booths along the street gathering students and with the sun shining bright and no rain to hold us back, the team and fellow students were enthusiastic throughout the day. With the sun shining, Ferret Cards were flying in comparison to the day before.  Out team was enthusiastic and It got hotter as the day went by. Thankfully, we had thousands freezies to our disposal to keep the team and fellow students cool throughout the day!

At the end of the day we gathered such a huge crowd full of new student members waiting for our prize give away!

Congratulations to the winners of the Aria for the X-box 360, and another winner of the iPad:

Our last Ryerson event went out with a bang as we were in the streets during the 52nd Annual Parade and Picnic. With many busy Ryerson students out and about it, signs ups were going through the roof! It was our busiest day yet, despite having to send half of our ferret team to our friends at UofT to set up for another student event.

Congratulations to our winner of the iPod Shuffle!

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