Frosh Week: University of Toronto

Tiffany October 1, 2012 0

We continued our student frosh events after saying early goodbyes to Ryerson University. Our next stop was the University of Toronto.

September 7th 2012: 52nd Annual Parade & Picnic at Ryerson University

When we first set foot on Uof T, we were greeted by a parade of frosh students. Everyone was excited for the carnival and concert! The atmosphere was loud and booming with excitement and students were eagerly waiting not only to sign up and find out, who won our prizes. But most of all, they couldn’t wait to get their freezies!

Despite it being a very long day for the Ferret Card Frosh Team, everyone worked together in synergy and helped students, while making sure everything was smooth and steady with signups!

With students flowing in and out, the booth was out till the sun set. It was a great experience for all of us. We were glad that we had now reached out to both students of Ryerson and UofT. Congratulations to our new members that won the iPad and iPod touch!

Ending our campaigns, our last day was set within St George during UTSU’s Street Festival! Not only was the weather beautiful, but since we wanted to reward our new members even more, we decided to give out entire boxes of freezies to our members.

September 11th 2012: St. George Street Festival at University of Toronto


The team was once again busy helping students sign up as members with Ferret Card and freezies were flying everywhere. Time flew and by the time we knew it, it was already time to leave the heart-filled campus and say goodbye to the lovely students.

Congratulations to our winners of the iPod touch and iPad!

Ferret Card was more than happy to be a part of many student’s university experience this year. We had so much fun meeting students, getting to know them and of course, sharing the latest rewards card that will help them save money!

We hope to see everyone again as soon as possible and in the meantime…Be sure to have your ears opened and stay tuned for our on-going radio contest on Z103.5, look for our ads and upcoming Facebook contest!  Make sure you sign up so that you also have a chance at winning a variety of great prizes like Xbox 360s, PS3s, ipads, ipods, a trip to the Caribbean or an Audi A4!


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