Helping Successful SMB’s Become More Successful

Scott Gregor July 13, 2012 0


Over the years, I have worked for a few loyalty/rewards companies and when I start with them, I am all excited! Like a kindergarten kid waiting for the bus on the first day of school excited… eager to learn, succeed, and eager to educate SMB’s the importance of implementing a rewards program to increase revenue………. as time progresses, I find myself having to tip toe around certain questions that they may ask such as; ”If I reward a customer, do they get rewarded in my establishment?”

My answer was always “Well Mr or Mrs Merchant…….not exactly”,  “They would receive rewards from you and other poor companies like yours and then redeem them for a flight anywhere in North America”  Or “How much is this going to cost me?”

My answer was always: Well Mr or Mrs Merchant…This is a partnership, we split our earnings 50/50  the great thing is, it is pay for performance. We are bringing allot of customers who have never been in your establishment before” Most of these customers were bargain hunters, coupon cutters. People who will only come in to spend half of what the original price would be and will not come back until there is another significant discount or deal.

Where is the loyalty in these programs!!!!!!  What was I doing? Here I was thinking I was helping these companies. They are hard working people, brothers, sisters, uncles, mom’s and dads just making a living to pay the mortgage, put their children through school, save for retirement and even putting food on the table.

I was screwing them out of hard earned money.  I have morals!!!!!!!!  There had to be a better way.

Enter Ferret Card.  The Loyalty/Rewards Program specifically designed for Small to Medium Businesses.  What is spent in that establishment is redeemed in that establishment. What a concept!!!!!!!

Is this new? No, just better……in so many ways. Ferret Card is tapping into the world of Mobile Technology to expand merchant customer acquisition. As I mentioned before what is spent in store, stays in store!!!! Have your existing clients come in more often to receive their reward sooner and have them share there purchases and experiences with their friends using social media. Its like word of mouth advertising and putting it on steroids.

There are not too many rewards programs that can provide you with statistical analysis on your clients, age, sex, geographical location and frequency of customers.  This is very important and sometimes overlooked.

All of this and it doesn’t cost a cent?

Simply amazing.

Finally I have found a company that I can honestly say with my head held high “I help successful SMB’s become more successful”

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