Introducing Coupon Codes

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fstampsIntroducing Coupon Codes


Ferret Card is thrilled to announce our latest feature to help merchants reach out, reward and retain their loyal customers: Coupon Codes! This feature is immediately available to all our Premium Merchants, at no additional charge.

Here’s how it works:

Instead of scanning a customer’s QR code using the Ferret Card merchant app to issue Gold Stamps, merchants will have the option to instead simply hand your customer a physical printed coupon, which comes with a pre-generated code for the customer to redeem for Gold Stamps.

Your customers can enter those codes in their Ferret Card account (either on website or on mobile app) to earn Gold Stamps for themselves, and Silver Stamps for their 5 best friends on Facebook.

You can generate and print as many Coupon Codes as you like from our merchant admin area, with each coupon being worth as many Gold Stamps as you choose.

Why are we doing this?

Based on merchant feedback, some businesses find that scanning a QR code can take too long at the point of sale. This is especially true for busy merchants who have to cope with a rush of customers at certain times (for example, a restaurant during lunch hours, or an ice cream shop on a summer weekend). Even the Quick Scan feature on the Ferret Card merchant app can take some time, as customers need to pull out their smartphones and open their Ferret Card app to scan their QR code.

What was needed was a fast and efficient way to issue Gold Stamps for merchants experiencing these situations, and who generally have fairly standard transaction sizes.

i.e.: If your average lunch order is $7, you can generate Coupon Codes worth 7 Gold Stamps each. This makes it much easier to hand out 1 Coupon Code per lunch order.

Coupon Codes are an optional alternative to scanning QR codes on member’s smartphones.

Why is this so powerful?

As we were developing this feature, we realised just how powerful Coupon Codes could be for our Ferret Card merchants.

  1. It saves merchants time when they are busiest. Rewards can then be structured to be redeemable only during off-peak hours, which can also help drive customers during quiet periods.
  2.  The printed coupon contains all the information the customer needs to learn how to sign up for Ferret Card and earn their Gold Stamps. This saves the merchant even more time, without having to explain to customers what Ferret Card is all about.
  3. The printed coupon contains information about what the customer can redeem their Gold and Silver stamps for. This lets the customer know exactly what they are earning, and gives an immediate incentive for the customer to sign up to Ferret Card and start collecting Gold and Silver stamps.
  4. The printed coupon contains additional room for the merchant to upload their own logo or image. This could be additional advertising, or a message to let customers know about an upcoming promotion or special. It’s a great way to let customers know about your Wednesday night specials, your new menu items, or any other message you want to pass to your customers.
  5. Coupon Codes make Ferret Card easier to use for customers who don’t have a smartphone. Users without a smartphone were always able to register on the website and quote their e-mail address or Ferret Card number at merchants to earn Gold Stamps, but printed coupons make it even easier. All they need is an internet connection at home or work to register for Ferret Card, and claim their Gold Stamps. This will also allow Ferret Card to further expand globally into countries with lower smartphone penetration rates (stay tuned for some exciting news about that coming soon!).
  6. Coupon Codes are more than just a piece of paper. The key to their effectiveness is still the Ferret Card system, allowing users to share Silver Stamps with their 5 best friends on Facebook, earn Diamond Stamps, manage their stamps on the Ferret Card app or website, search for stores, etc…


But I like the existing Ferret Card system! Do I need to change?

Not at all! Coupon Codes are great for merchants who experience significant time constraints at the point of sale. If that isn’t an issue for your business, then the existing Ferret Card system is still a fantastic solution for your needs. Using the existing Ferret Card merchant app means you can still issue exactly as many Gold Stamps as you wish, without having to prepare Coupon Codes in advance. It saves paper, and gives a great way to strike up a conversation with your customer about your business.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is to login to your merchant admin area and click on “Generate Coupon Code”. You will be presented with the following selections:

-          Number of coupons to generate

-          Number of Gold Stamps to issue per coupon

-          Which of your existing Gold and Silver Stamp rewards would you like to feature on the coupon

-          Ability to upload your own image to the coupon (completely optional)

Then just print out your coupons, cut them out (4 coupons per printed page), and hand them out to your customers. It’s as easy as that!

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