Live Seafresh Restaurant, Malacca, Malaysia

Admin October 27, 2014 0

My name is Mr Eng. I am the owner of Live Seafresh Restaurant, a newly opened 2 month old restaurant in Malacca, Malaysia. As the name of my restaurant suggested, we sell live seafood. I was introduced to Ferret Card when I opened my restaurant and the concept sounds interesting to me, a mobile loyalty program with “word of mouth” advertising through friends on Facebook . I am a strong believer in “word of mouth” advertising but until Ferret Card I have not found a way or a tool to do it effectively. So I decided to sign up and implemented Ferret Card at my new restaurant. Ferret Card’s principal, Mr Chong, advised me on my rewards, trained me and provided me with iCodes, floor banners, door stickers and standees for my tables. All I have to do is to promote iCodes actively to my customers !

After about 4 weeks the following is the result: 400 iCodes were handed out, 140 were keyed in by customers who earned Gold Stamps (a massive 35%!), 70 % of those who keyed in were RETURNING customers (amazing!) and 28,000 postings of my restaurant on Facebook Newsfeed by customers to their friends! (140 customers X 200 estimated friends per customer).

I am really happy with the results after only 4 weeks!  The 400 iCodes cost me only Rm 200 but the increase in my sales is far far more than that, due to the massive “word of mouth” advertising through customers 28,000 Facebook Newsfeed postings to their friends.  At the same time Ferret Card has helped turned 35 % my customers into loyal customers!

One word of advise. To really succeed you must have good products (in my case, great seafood!) , good rewards (I give 2 FREE live oysters, with purchase, for every Gold Stamp or Silver Stamp) and most importantly, you MUST actively promote the iCodes to your customers.  Remember a tool is only as good as the user!

Thank you, Ferret Card! I would highly recommend Ferret Card to every business out there. It is a very cost effective tool to help reward, retain and reach out to your customers.

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