Mobile App FAQ

Smartphone, iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy etc.


Q: What is Ferret Card compatible with? 

A: Ferret Card is compatible with both Android and iOS. The minimum requirements for the Android version is 2.1 a. The minimum requirements for the iOS is 4.3

Q: Do you have a quick user guide on how to use the mobile app?

A: Yes. Please download the Mobile App Guide here. You can even print it out, post it up at your store counter and use it for your  own reference or for your staff to refer to.

Q: Why isn’t my camera scanning the QR code?

A: Light reflection may affect the scanning process. Try adjusting the position of the card or phone.

Q: Why is my app working so slow?

A: Check your internet connection or 3G connection.

Q: Oops, I made a mistake. I accidentally gave out too many stamps, can I reverse it?

A: Yes, you can cancel out the mistake by issuing (-negative) stamps.

Q: I accidentally gave out too few stamps, can I add to it?

A: Yes, you can correct that by issuing more stamps to add to it.

Q: Why do I get an ‘Invalid time or day to redeem offer’ message during redemption?

A: That means the reward selected has conditions on valid days or time for redemption (e.g. weekdays or off peak hours only)

Q: My customer forgot to bring his card, what can I do to help him/her?

A: Give him/her another card. He/she can collect the stamps now & combine it with the original account later on the website.

Q: What is the difference between Gold and Silver stamps again?

A: Gold stamps are awarded to your paying customer. Silver stamps are secondary rewards given to his/her five best friends as word-of-mouth marketing incentives to visit your store.

Q: I don’t see any items in Redeem Specials. Am I missing something?

A: No, Specials are optional items created using premium services of targeted advertisements.

Q: I get an error message when trying to redeem a reward for my customer. What is wrong?

A: There may be insuficient stamps for the reward selected. Check the reward requirements.

Q: How will my customer know if the correct number of stamps was rewarded or redeemed?

A: If your customer is using a smartphone, he/she will get a message in the news feed. If it is not showing up yet, he/she may need to refresh the news feed to see the latest data.

Q: I am worried about leaving my store mobile phone at the cashier counter. How can I secure or lock it?

A: There are a variety of phone locks that you can buy online or in phone accessory stores. You can purchase a phone cable lock to secure your phone at the cashier counter as you like.

Q: Help! The system is down. I can’t process the rewards. What can I do to keep my customers happy?

A: If the system is down, write down your customer’s membership number and the number of stamps they are entitled to. You can manually enter them later when the system is back up and running.