Ferret Card’s 3 in 1 Loyalty, Marketing and Rewards Platform

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Ferret Card is a 3-in-1 loyalty, marketing and rewards platform which allows your business to take advantage of the latest in mobile technology and social networking. With Ferret card, you can reach out, reward and retain your customers.

As a business owner, what is more important: gaining new customers, or keeping your existing customers? The answer is simple: BOTH are important to the long-term success of your business!

Without new customers, your business cannot grow. You also need to make sure that your new customers are able to replace the natural attrition of old customers. Your business needs to be always reaching out for new customers.

Without existing loyal customers, you will constantly need to spend money on advertising for new customers. For the average business, existing customers will account for 80% of your sales, and you want to ensure that you are rewarding and retaining these customers.

With traditional advertising, or a loyalty stamp card, you are addressing only one of these problems at a time. With a Ferret Card Premium Listing, it’s never been easier to reach out, reward and retain your customers all with one simple, integrated system.

Ferret Card Premium Listing

Signing up for a Ferret Card Premium Listing allows you to take full advantage of Ferret Card’s unique 3-R system. Ferret Card’s 3-R system allows you to:

Reach Out to new and potential customers

Reward your existing customers

Retain loyal customers, and keep them coming back

To achieve this, Ferret Card users earn 3 different kinds of stamps: Silver, Diamond and Gold stamps. These 3 kinds of stamps each correspond to one of the 3 core goals your business needs to work at in order to succeed: Reach Out, Reward and Retain

Reach Out with Silver Stamps

Whenever a Ferret Card user shops at your store, their favourite 5 Facebook friends earn Silver Stamps from you. These Silver Stamps are unique to your business, and can only be redeemed from you. Silver Stamps help you to REACH OUT to new customers, by spreading the word about your business to your existing customer’s Facebook friends. By reaching out to 5 Facebook friends, Silver Stamps have the capability of expanding your customer base by 5 times. Those are real potential customers, which your existing customers are helping you to market to. Silver Stamps are a simple and easy way to promote your business through Facebook, and to take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing to your customer’s friends.

What can users redeem Silver Stamps for? It is completely up to you! Ferret Card allows all businesses to customise their Silver Stamp rewards to best suit their business. Maybe it could be a great offer for new customers only, or an extra freebie with their purchase.

For some great ideas you can try, check out:

Reward Ideas

diamondstampReward with Diamond Stamps

Whenever a Ferret Card user shops at your Premium Listing store, Ferret Card will REWARD your customer (and their favourite 5 Facebook friends) with Diamond Stamps. Regardless of whether the customer is a new or existing customer, they will be rewarded for shopping at your business.

Diamond Stamps can be collected from any Ferret Card Premium Listing store, and are redeemed directly from Ferret Card.  As a Ferret Card Premium Listing store, there is no additional cost to your business when you issue Diamond Stamps to Ferret Card users or when they redeem their Diamond Stamps. Even better, in order for users to earn their Diamond Stamps, they need to promote your business on their Facebook Wall. This provides an extra incentive for your customers to spread the word about your business.

Diamond Stamps are a great reward for Ferret Card users, as they can accumulate their Diamond Stamps to redeem for bigger and more exciting rewards. These are rewards which would ordinarily not be practical or viable for an individual business to offer. However, Ferret Card is able to provide these rewards thanks to the combined network of Ferret Card Premium Listing stores. Ferret Card users will want to shop at Ferret Card businesses as often as possible, in order to collect their Diamond Stamps.

To see what rewards can be redeemed with Diamond Stamps, check out:

Redeem Diamond Stamps

Retain with Gold Stamps

Finally, whenever a Ferret Card user shops at your store, they will earn Gold Stamps from you. Gold Stamps reward customer loyalty. Just like Silver Stamps, these are unique to your business, and can only be redeemed from you. Gold Stamps allow you to RETAIN your existing loyal customers, as they need to come back to your business in order to redeem them for a great offer or freebie.

You have the choice of issuing Gold Stamps to your customers with each transaction using our Ferret Card Merchant App (for iOS and Android), or by simply issuing your customers a printed Coupon Code, which they can enter online or on the Ferret Card app to receive your Gold Stamps. This gives merchants the flexibility to use Ferret Card in whatever manner they are most comfortable with, taking into account their own unique circumstances in their business.

Again, just like Silver Stamps, it is completely up to you to customise your Gold Stamp rewards to best suit your business. After their visit, your customer will receive a Thank You e-mail, with your store name and logo, thanking them for visiting your store. This e-mail will notify them of how many Gold Stamps they have earned, and will contain a customisable message from your business (which you can use to promote upcoming specials, events, new products… anything you like!).

For some great rewards ideas you can try, check out:

Reward Ideas

What Else Does Ferret Card Offer?

Ferret Card Premium Merchant businesses also benefit from:

Mobile Store Listing: Be discovered by Ferret Card users on our mobile store listing, on our Ferret Card app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Users can search for stores, see what stores are nearby, get directions to your store, view photographs, check out your Silver and Gold Stamp rewards, keep track of their Stamps, and more!


Ferret Card CRM: As you issue Gold Stamps to your customers, Ferret Card is able to compile detailed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) reports on your customers and their shopping behaviour. Learn more about your customers as you reward them, helping you provide better offers and service to your customers.



Why Ferret Card?

Ferret Card is the ONLY product available today which can solve the key issues of reaching out, rewarding and retaining your customers, all in one easy to use and integrated 3-in-1 solution, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Additionally, Ferret Card takes full advantage of mobile technologies and social networking. As an individual business, it is hard to get customers to download your own mobile app, or Like your Facebook page… and even when they do, what do you do next? With Ferret Card, your customers are rewarded for sharing your business with their Facebook friends. They will be looking for Ferret Card stores where they can earn Diamond and Gold Stamps, and share Diamond and Silver Stamps with their friends.

Your customers are increasingly relying on smartphones to discover stores and businesses. They never leave home without them. Shouldn’t your store’s loyalty program be on smartphones where it is never going to be forgotten or left at home? Shouldn’t your store’s loyalty program not only reward and retain your existing customers, but also help you to reach out to new customers? Shouldn’t your business be on Ferret Card by now?


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