Fantastic stats on social media in business [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Some interesting stats on social media, for all our Ferret Card merchants and social media consultants.

More businesses are using social media, and successful businesses are more likely to be using social media. 61% of businesses believe single channel social media will not be successful it treated by themselves; in other words, it’s not enough to simply register yourself on Facebook and Twitter, you need to actually make use of these channels. This is where Ferret Card comes in, as a tool businesses need to leverage social media.

Here is a reblog from regusblog:

Fantastic stats on social media in business [INFOGRAPHIC]


Regus Infographic

The second annual survey of professionals’ use of social media finds that 47% of businesses from 80+ countries have found new customers via the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums (up from 40% in 2010).

For more detail on what 17,000 professionals worldwide said about…


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