The Aha Moment

Dr. Annie L. July 12, 2012 0


On a recent Tuesday afternoon, I found myself looking for a place to lunch in the Richmond Hill area. Then it came to me.. I decided to visit one of our new Ferret Card merchants for myself! Covernotes Tea and Coffee Shop.

To my wonderful surprise, Covernotes has cozy, quaint, and charming atmosphere. Soon after walking in, I found myself instantly start to relax. At this local spot, you can order from a variety of coffee, tea and delicious food options. And the best part of all? You can sit comfortably and indulge yourself in one of the many novels spread out throughout the shop.

After finishing every last drop of my green tea, I decided to take some time to find out what rewards were available to loyal customers.

I soon found that you could receive 75% off a novel when you have… stamps!

I got curious about this discount and asked the cashier whether the books were for sale? He briefly answered yes; the books are used and are for sale. The prices are within the book.

I thought how nice – now I know where to get used books, have a read, and enjoy a tea at the same time.

(And trust me when I say, I love tea.)

What was great about this overall experience, was that I wouldn’t have even visited Covernotes if it wasn’t for Ferret Card!

I am pleasantly surprised and delighted with Covernotes and will definitely be a return customer.

Before heading home I decided to take another look at the Ferret Card App, to see if there are any other stores I should visit around the area.

A specialty candy store called The Candyman quickly popped up, and I couldn’t resist giving them visit to get some sweets for my children.

Again, after visiting The Candyman and purchasing a variety of yummy goodies… I realised I may not have ever of been aware of such an awesome local shop, if not for Ferret Card.

This was truly a personal “Aha Moment”, proving to me that this does work.. it really does help the small business, and helped open my horizons as a customer. All thanks to the Ferret Card platform.

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