UPDATE: Mobile internet continues to expand!

Matthew T. December 5, 2012 0

Mary Meeker, partner of VC firm Kleiner Perkins, has once again updated her Internet Trends presentation, to reflect the current state of the Internet as of the end of 2012. We had talked about her previous presentation back in June:


For the full presentation, check out:


The most exciting piece of data from this report is that global mobile internet traffic has increased to 13% of all internet traffic. That is an increase from 10% in the middle of 2012, for a whopping 30% increase in just 6 months. Wow!















Also highly impressive are the growth statistics for smartphones:












This is great news for Ferret Card in Canada, with 55% of mobile subscribers using a smartphone, and with the number of smartphones having increased by 38%. Ferret Card Taiwan can look forward to smartphone growth rates of 80% per year, the highest growth of any country in the report.

Ferret Card is also planning its expansion into the US, Japan and Korea, all of which show exceptional smartphone penetration rates (Japan and Korea boasting the top 2 smartphone penetration rates in the world).

I think we can all agree: mobile is the future of the internet, and merchants need to embrace the challenges and opportunities this presents. Ferret Card’s goal is to help merchants take full advantage of the mobile internet, in order to Reach Out, Reward and Retain!

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