Why I Love Ferret Card as a Member

Dr. Annie L. June 2, 2012 0

As an avid consumer myself, I love the idea of Ferret Card.

Yes, I could be a little bias.. However consider this…

How many of us love to be rewarded? Even as a child, remember the thrill that came over us when our parents rewarded us with ice-cream, hugs, or staying up late?

What if we were rewarded for things that we are already doing? In other words, some of the services we use every day like getting a haircut, visiting a spa, or getting our car maintained, WE are paying for without any rewards but a bill. With Ferret Card, these merchants will REWARD and give back to us for using their services or products.

How cool is that? Keep doing what you are doing.. Get rewarded.. And.. Reward your friends too!

Another plus point: I only have to carry ONE card that allows me to be rewarded at places I frequently visit. In fact, I really only need to carry my smartphone with me to receive rewards. I can download the Ferret Card Member App and have my card number(s) stored in the App. I will definitely not forget to bring my phone out with me wherever I go!

Many times I’ve left my paper reward card at home or in my car.. parked far away as I visit shops only to realize how frustrated I am for not being able to collect my stamps or points. And not to mention, the countless times I’ve forgotten coupons I have cut out at home and couldn’t redeem any discounts or deals..

With Ferret Card, these problems can be eliminated.

In regards to rewarding your friends, Ferret Card allows you to select 5 best friends from your Facebook account and the merchants will reward them when they reward you too! Think about how happy your friends would be! Receiving rewards, all because you selected them!

Visit FerretCard.com to sign up and experience the rewards yourself – Become a Member today!


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