Having Fun While Expanding & Growing with the Ferret Card Family

Lauri Taylor July 13, 2012 1


Each day is an exciting new day for me. Never before have I had a career that would be so suited to my own personality.  I am connecting with people daily and making new friends while sharing great things that will help one another. I love it!  Connecting with people on all levels. Life is all about relationships. We all learn and grow from them.

My nature has always been about helping people. Now I can do it on an even bigger scale by helping merchants that own small to medium sized businesses sign up to use Ferret Card’s amazing self-serve platform and escalate their business to the next level. Every Merchant should consider this as their own loyalty program.  It is a phenomenal marketing tool that gives you reports and statistics that help you fine tune your advertising and reach out to your targeted audience. We are leading the way in this new mobile app marketing generation.

Through Ferret Card the merchant gets more great exposure, it links to their website or Facebook page and brings in new customers. The customers who become Ferret Card members have a self-serve platform to utilize also. Ferret Card members get rewarded for being loyal customers at their favourite stores, restaurants and establishments. You don’t have to call Ferret Card to redeem anything like other loyalty programs. You simply go into your account, check out the participating Ferret Card Merchants, find out what they are offering and choose where to shop. This is even more simplified when using your Ferret Card app on your smart phone or Ipad.

Technology is moving us forward into a more global collective connection on all levels. Now you can take advantage of it and see where to shop around the world as the Ferret Card family, merchants and user’s data base grows exponentially.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming promotional events and contests to win great prizes. More fun for everyone!  Stay tuned….to Z103.5 throughout August and September on the radio and online the grand prize is Awesome!!!

Become a Ferret Card Merchant and Member today and benefit from more great relationships. Tell all your friends…. It’s fun and it’s win/win. Everyone benefits.

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  1. Lluvia August 16, 2012 at 7:23 PM - Reply

    looks like every ryerson university student is up for enrollment, lol.

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